• Harvesting drinking water from air

    For off-grid communities, starting in Kenya

  • THe MAJIK WATER Vision

    Creating a new source of affordable, clean drinking water for water scarce communities. If you have air, you can have drinking water.

    1.8bn people living in water scarcity by 2025 (UN).

    People running out of water in Kenya and beyond

    Our CEO Beth is Kenyan and suffered from having to buy dirty, contaminated water while at university. She created her own water filter and started a successful business selling over 5,000 filters in Kenya in the past 5 years. However she is increasingly coming across areas of Kenya where there's regularly no water available as rivers run dry and the water table drops.


    This problem is not limited to Kenya. The UN estimates that 1.8bn people will experience water scarcity by 2025.

    water droplets harvesting moisture

    6x more water in the air than all rivers.

    An untapped source to help communities suffering drought

    There is 6x as much water in the air as in all rivers in the world.


    We operated our initial prototype at NASA Ames in Mountain View California, where the relative humidity is c.58%, in line with much of Kenya. If you have air you can have clean, safe drinking water.

    majik water

    Children's home benefiting from 50 litres per day of reliable, clean drinking water.

    Our pilot at The Ark Children's Home in Thika, Kenya

    The Ark Children’s Home is located in a water-scarce area and we were happy to provide the children and staff with 50 litres per day of clean safe drinking water generated from the atmosphere.


    Targeting scale: 100 litre+ community devices.

    Designed for our Kenyan customers, in Kenya

    We are in the process of designing and prototyping a solution that offers:

    • Clean water at a low cost
    • Pay per litre of water
    • Works off grid

    In 2020, we featured in the Netflix documentary Brave Blue World, hosted by Matt Damon and narrated by Liam Neeson. Watch the trailer below or find it on Netflix, here.

  • MAJIK News

    Want to know more about MAJIK Water? Check out some recent milestones and coverage in media!

    Featured in Netflix documentary: Brave Blue World

    MajikWater interviewed for Matt Damon's water innovation documentary

    Narrated by Liam Neeson, interviewed by Matt Damon - our team was very proud to feature in this documentary about water innovations all over the world. Watch it on Netflix, check out the trailer to the right, or read more about it here. You can also read more about the producers' inspiration for the doccie, in which Beth is also mentioned!

    Forbes Africa logo

    Forbes Africa Women in Science profile: Beth Koigi

    Beth featured as one of Forbes Africa's women in science and health

    In March 2021, Beth was featured by Forbes Africa in "Africa Reloaded: The Power Of The Collective In Science And Health", which profiled influential women across the continent.

    According to the author of the article:


    "Her solution is especially relevant now when the world has a new hygiene awareness program that water is a big part of, in combating Covid-19."

    The Guardian UK logo

    Royal Academy of Engineering Finalist

    Beth is a finalist for the Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation!

    Beth went to Cape Town for training with all 16 impressive finalists - next step pitching at Buckingham Palace. The Guardian interviewed Beth and Anastasia about it here!


    "The device – which won first prize this year at the EDF Africa awards – could provide a solution for the 1.8 billion people predicted to have a shortage of water by 2025, according to the UN, says Kaschenko."

    BBC World Service logo

    Beth's first radio appearance!

    Beth spoke to BBC World Service about Majik Water

    Beth was interviewed by BBC World Service. Listen to the interview here.

    Financial Times logo

    50 ideas to change the world

    Majik Water featured in the Financial Time's list of world-changing ideas

    The Financial Times included Majik Water and an interview with Beth on their series on 50 ideas to change the world, in a section that looks at the use of graphene in water filtration:


    "In arid areas, clean water production tends to focus on extracting moisture molecules from the air and cooling them down until they form droplets."

    Media coverage Majik Water

    Print coverage in Kenya!

    Featured in Kenya's leading Daily Nation newspaper

    One of Kenya's leading newspapers featured us in a full page printed article covering our inspiration, how we started and our plans for improving water access in Kenya.


    Read the article online here.

    EDF prize winner Majik Water

    1st prize winners in Paris

    We won the €15,000 first prize at EDF Pulse Africa awards

    Beth ably represented us at the inaugural EDF Pulse Africa awards in Paris in December 2017 winning first place ahead of other entrepreneurs from across Africa.


    Read more on EDF's website.

    Beth Koigi Majik Water

    Hitting the ground in Kenya

    Starting to engage with Kenya's bubbling tech scene

    One of Kenya's biggest technology blogs featured Majik Water:


    "In Kenya, the firm says most people depend on underground sources of water such as boreholes even though there are limitations to using them... At some point the ground water will not be available as these sources are unsustainable."

    Winning a spot with Next 36 Canada

    Anastasia has won a coveted place on Canada's entrepreneurship programme

    Anastasia (representing Majik Water) was accepted on to the prestigious Next 36 entrepreneurship programme in Canada where we'll have access to mentorship, capital and skills development.

    MIT Water Innovation Prize Majike Water

    Winning second place in MIT's Water Innovation prize

    Anastasia pitched for us in Boston and secured second place!

    We took part in MIT's Water Innovation prize and won second place!


    Read more here!

  • Our Team

    Our multinational team has a unique skill set combining deep water sector expertise in Kenya and internationally, product R&D, corporate and development consulting and entrepreneurship:

    Anastasia Kaschenko Majik Water

    Anastasia Kaschenko, CTO


    Environmental scientist,
    water policy, R&D.


    Connect with Anastasia on LinkedIn

    Beth Koigi Majik Water

    Beth Koigi, CEO

    Market & Partnerships

    Entrepreneur, Kenyan
    water market expert.


    Connect with Beth on LinkedIn

    Clare Sewell Majik Water

    Clare Sewell, COO

    Finance & Strategy

    Oxford economist, 10 yrs
    strategy consulting, entrepreneur in Malawi.


    Connect with Clare on LinkedIn


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    Come work for the Majik Water team:

    Hardware and Technical Roles

    We're looking for talented, creative people with a passion for mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, thermodynamics , water / clean tech or similar skills to join our team. Please contact us and indicate you're interested in technical roles to find out more.


    We're excited to be welcoming our first two interns this year; Taman from France and Yannick from Germany. Get in touch below if you'd like to find out more.